Tuesday, November 29, 2005

It's a Wrap!

Oh my goodness, I was on a wrapping spree last night. I wrapped ALL of Matt's gifts last night, made some executive decisions on things to be wrapped for Alex and what wouldn't be and left out for Santa's display, wrapped my grandmother's gift, Patrick's gift and a little something for someone else ;) I was so excited when I got to the door and there was the last parcel of gifts that I was waiting for! I think there are two DVD's to wrap and then it's just hap hazard wrapping of stocking stuffers. I also started organizing the stocking stuffers into individual bags. My closet is finally looking like a closet again!

In other news my basement is now as fresh as a flower again. Yay! Now to clean up the rest of the house and buy a storage tub at lunch today for all of Alex's outdoor stuff that he's outgrown. We went to bed early last night as I was pretty tired. I did finish the row I was working on on the band sampler and then it was lights out for me.

Tonight I'm seriously hoping to get the indoor lights put up before Matt gets home, one less thing to do and maybe cut out some tags with my sizzix machine. Then after Alex goes to bed it'll be stitching and watching Bones (and maybe wrapping those last DVD's). I can't believe I'll have my Christmas wrapping done before the first of December, yippee!

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Shannon L. said...

wow ! I could wrap... but I need to buy first... LOL Congratulations ! I'm so impressed :)