Friday, November 25, 2005

Totally Baked!

Well, no stitching to report for last night, just a tonne of baking completed. So, for tomorrow's bake sale I get to drop off tonight, 4 loaves of cinnamon swirl bread, 3 dozen pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, 2 dozen browned butter frosted brownies (aka butter finger bars), 2 dozen 'Worth Hoarding" Chocolate bars from the 2004 JCS and a dozen low fat chocolate cupcakes (1 box devil's food cake, 1 can diet coke and 2 egg whites), topped with marshmallow fluff (surprisingly low points value) and the awesome snowflake sprinkles Faith Ann gave me :) The house smelled sooo good last night, besides all of the cooking smells all of the Garden Creek Christmas wreaths arrived, it was soooo nice!

This morning the roads were a mess and I got stuck in a traffic line behind a ding bat going 30 under and slamming on their brakes every 3 minutes to check the roads. Do people not realize that just because they're doing it on some point of the road it doesn't mean the chain of traffic behind them can as they're all on different segments of road and ice, especially on hills... Here's my vote on mandatory driver retesting ;) It's not as if the city doesn't have a public transportation system, even if it's flawed for these rare occasions...sigh...

Tonight I'll be vegging with my stitching, that is of course AFTER I drop off the bake sale goods AND go wedding cake testing at 7 :) Tomorrow is super family day, with the bazarre at 11 and the parade at 5, then maybe some celebratory Boston Pizza as the minor flooding dampened (no pun intended) plans on Tuesday :) I'm also hoping to get the rest of the outdoor lights up today/tomorrow and start on the indoor ones. Our wreaths are up so the house is finally starting to look festive :)


Shannon L. said...

Wow, talk about baking up a storm ! Those baked goods sound delicious :) Enjoy the cake testing... hmmm you mean if we have a big wedding (i.e. bigger than 5 of us ;) ) I get to test wedding cakes ? LOL

Faith Ann said...

I think I'll get a devil's food cake mix at lunch time so I can try those cupcakes... they sound like a terrific decorate-the-tree snack!

We're still trying to decide if we'll brave the parade tomorrow. I think it depends on when we finish decorating and how long DS's nap is :)