Friday, November 18, 2005

Stealth Mode

Yeah, my car now runs in stealth mode ;) Yeah, I know it was loud when I took it in (or I wouldn't have taken it in ;)) but now it's quieter than when it arrived in Fredericton in the first place! I don't know what else they did to Betty (I name my vehicles) but she's also alot more responsive so I really need to start watching my spedometer. I remember many moons ago when Betty first joined the family in 96 that this was a 'problem' however in the last couple of years it hasn't if only someone could turn back the clock that effectively on me for 200 bucks ;) Now whenever I pick people up they won't hear me coming...

Last night Alex and I went to look at fabric for the bridesmaid dresses for Lisa's wedding which was fun. We picked up some candycane ice cream on the way home along with some pizza toppings. After Alex went to bed and I showered and made my Silkweaver's order for a piece of Golden Harvest linen for my Ottawa Sampler, I plunked my butt down to bead and watched Joey, my taped episode of House and CSI for the first time all season (curls into ball and goes into Night Stalker withdrawl). Beading is coming along quite nicely on Giggles and I'm hoping to finish him up by mid-day tomorrow.

Today or tomorrow I'm hoping to finalize the wedding cake and then put out the exterior christmas lights. There's just so much to do ;) I think the boys will be tenting downstairs tonight which will be fun for Alex. Oh is it 5 yet???


Faith Ann said...

Glad to hear that Betty is purring.

Ooooh, I didn't realize that candycane ice cream is available already this year!

Katie said...

lol, Alex's initial reaction to candy cane icecream...'It takes like medicine!'