Thursday, November 17, 2005

Welcome Logan!

Yay, Shannon's had her not so little (9 lbs 1 oz) boy last evening. I was sooo excited to see the pictures of him this morning. It amazes me how technology can make it feel like my friends in Ottawa are just next door!

Stitchy night was great! There was lots of oooh'ing and aaaah'ing over Faith Ann's new framed pieces, they both look so pretty. I needed it last night too, after grocery shopping and fretting over the fact that the car was going in the shop (she didn't sound too good) in the morning it was nice to sit back and stitch to the point of beading. I did get a little distracted and checked out the Usborne catalogue that Faye had brought in and of course ordered some really nice books for Alex for Christmas. We also got into a discussion about the new provincial nutrition policy which is going into effect, which has crossed a line in my opinion and of course Alex's school made the CBC about it. I'm not so sure anymore that Alex's pumpkin chocolate chip muffin came home the other week because he didn't have time (1/4 cups of chocolate chips in the entire batter isn't going to completely negate the cup of pumpkin, half cup of carrots, 1/2 cup of wheat germ, honey instead of sugar, low fat eggs instead of egg and applesauce instead of oil, sheesh) and kind of makes me angry considering I had to hear from an ashamed child that he had been sent to the office twice and only then did I find out he needed help with his fine motor skills. It was the one and only time I ever sent a baked good to school and I firmly believe it to be better for him than his low sodium/low fat ham on whole wheat sandwich. sigh... Anyway off of my soap box...

Today's trip to the garage wasn't as expensive as I was thinking, phew... Just the water pump and AC pump going and seeing as I haven't used the AC since 2001 due to a leak (it is a '94) they bypassed it for me, I'm soo anxious to hear it purr again. Now for a nice walk over to the northside of the city after work to pick her up.

Eleni and Jackson were in today and I finally got to Williams (hence the need for walking to pick up the car). My land he's grown and looks like the picture of health! I got to give her the Alfred Angelo brochure with the bridesmaid gowns in it, another wedding thing done ;)

Tonight I'm not sure what I'll be up to, I'd like to stitch and do the beading but with things being so crazy I may do something with Matt if he's not busy. Now that my Nightstalker has been cancelled I have some tvless time to either compute or read my HP book :)

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