Friday, November 04, 2005

Back to School

Today I got to go to school twice, once as the bus must have broken down as it drove up the road, turned into the subdivision and disappeared for 25+ minutes, how much longer I don't know as I put Alex in the car and drove him to school as I was late for work. Then I got to return to the school at 9 to read to Alex's class :) I almost burst into tears as he lead me to the rocking chair, he looked too proud. We read The Spooky Old Tree (which is my old book) and What Makes a Rainbow, Alex's other favorite book. The girls in his class REALLY like the WMaR book as it has ribbons that pull through with each colour and eventually makes a rainbow.

Last night I did get some stitching in, although I went to bed fairly early (I can't seem to stay up to 10 with this time change). I finished the cross stitching on my DD Satyr, now to backstitch it when I get home. Cathey's convinced me to stitch Raise The Roof's Dry Turkey so I guess I'll be bad and not work on the wedding ALL weekend. I also need to do some ornamentifying before reatreat. This time next week I'll be counting down the minutes until we head for Moncton/Bouctouche!! Yippee!!

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