Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Giggles Happy Dance

Yay, a Giggles happy dance...now if I only had a digital camera, the pic will have to wait on my roll of film getting close to completion (plus my anal retentive self would like to do a small fix to the 'w').

Last night was fairly peaceful. When we arrived home Matt had left for the after hours clinic so Alex and I did his homework and then I made a double batch of bread dough and the base for some squares for the bakesale Saturday and threw those in the freezer. Alex was very excited that we were having the maple pork for supper to which I had a mini 'yay, he gets excited over real food finally' moment.

Matt returned home just before Alex's bedtime, with a good chunk of dad's Clive Cussler book read from the long wait at the clinic. After Alex was tucked in and I showered I sat down with Matt and Giggles and caught last week's Lost. I was finding it really annoying as the transition between days felt like a deleted scenes reel on a DVD but the end was pretty intense. I can't wait until Wednesday, Lost should be awesome and there is supposed to be a 'smack down' in the fortress of solitude between Clark and Spike 'er Brainiac/Prof Fine on Smallville.

Nothing too much on the schedule for tonight, I've gotta do some more prep work for the baking challenge at school and then Bones is on at 9. I'm going to sort through my current project box and rid it of any floss colours that are not needed in The Wedding and then it's back to stitching that project ;) Oh if only I could clone myself and send the clone to work, that or win the lotto :)

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