Thursday, November 10, 2005

My Bags Are Packed...

I'm ready to go. I'll be waiting here outside my door...I can't wait for Cathey to pick me up (ok, I can't sing or ad lib songs). I'm so excited for retreat it isn't even funny, I REALLY need a couple days away without the *poof* 'what do you want?', sometimes I really feel like the genie in Aladdin. What's worse is Matt has been on his air exchanger rants, to top off wanting to move the wedding as three guests *might* be invited to another wedding the same weekend as ours. Good grief. I get really frustrated as his sinus problems are stemming from something that needs to be fixed medically (and free in Canada) but would rather shell out money to help it. I'll be soo glad to veg in Moncton tonight!!

Last night I got all of my stuff together for retreat and it's sitting in the kitchen. I almost forgot my light but I'm sure Cathey would have reminded me. It was so hard trying to decide what to pack for projects, you hate to lug too much stuff but it's nice to have a back up project should you need to frog as that's not what retreat is about ;) I packed up my new jammie pants which I'm sooo excited about (comfortably wearing a size smaller rocks). Also yesterday I did my weigh in and I'm officially down 19lbs since the engagement but 25 since the last retreat so I packed some of my nicer clothes for a 'look at me now' moment. I'd still like to take off at least another 15 but I'm much happier at this weight, I have my face back!!

Yippee in three hours we'll be hitting the road!!!!!!!

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Faith Ann said...

Ok, you must be back...where's the retreat report? Hope you had a great time!