Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Owl Has Flown The Coop!

Omigosh the Owl is gone!! There's a beautiful old home on Smythe (one of Fredericton's main arteries) that for decades has had an owl in their front porch. Well...ok stuffed animals are gross but this one was a celebrity. Throughout the years, and even changes in ownership, whatever the season or weather, the owl was dressed appropriately, a santa suit for christmas, rain coat for the spring, you name it...the owl even went into mourning when Princess Diana passed away, draped in black and holding a queen of hearts card in it's wing. The house has been for sale on and off for the last two years and when we drove by today it was completely cleaned out...including the owl. Sigh...

Last night was quiet. We tried out a new recipe and then headed out for a bike ride. Both Matt and I really need to put some air in our tires. Alex is really flying on his bike now... By the time he was bathed and ready for bed I was pretty tired myself and didn't stay up much longer than to marinate the pork tenderloin for supper.

Today I should be able to wrap up my Glory Bee ornament on break, I can't wait!! No plans for tonight besides maybe putting some new tires on the van. Although if it's nice out I probably won't and just relax outside. I can't believe it's August already!! Where has the summer gone?

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Faith Ann said...

WHAT?! The owl isn't there anymore? That is sooooo sad!! I can't imagine not driving/walking by and glancing in to see what he's wearing. I know he was still there on Saturday when we drove by.

I don't do well with change LOL.