Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Productive Stitchy Night

Yay, I finally got a good two hours of stitching back in!! Last night was just a productive night overall, I pulled out of the government lot into perfect traffic for once, no reds, no one turning left...picked up Alex, headed to the mall to return two items, both with minimal waits. Returned home and had supper ready to just pop in the oven so I could vacuum the van which I think was holding half our driveway's crushed gravel. I even got around to going through the receipts scattered through out it and shredded those. After distracting Alex I loaded the table and two of the four chairs for my brother in the van, took a shower, put supper on the table and then headed off to Eleni's to stitch with her and Angela (oh and on the way there stopped at the Coop to pick up a tonne of Mccain's Quenchers, they're 50% less sugar for my juice addicted husband, as they were on sale and a really nice Paderno travel mug for me, again on sale).

We started our stitchy night off with a show and tell, I had my stack of stitched but unfinished ornaments...but the girls had impressive projects on the go ;) With fall around the corner I should have more periods of time to commit to my bigger projects, but it's been sooo nice out this summer it's almost a sin not to be outside doing something productive. I made some nice progress on my 'secret' SB project, I got all of the stars finished. Oh my, we watched Vanished and I'm hooked ;) I had to leave at 9:30 to deliver the table to my brother on the way home (figured if I was out in that area I might as well). On the way there just before I turned into the 'apartment district' I saw some dingbat over in my lane, my first thought...drunk. Well after having a collision with a drunk driver before I got into defensive mode, slowed down and started hugging the shoulder in case. Then I saw a big mound on the road which was upsetting, especially where it was still twitching. I thought it might be someone's pet but then saw it was a racoon. Which is kind of ironic as I was going to visit my 'scientist' brother who's currently doing a study on racoons. Well...I think he was more excited about the fact there was a new racoon to necropsy than the table ;)

After I got home I stayed up a little later than usual and enjoyed the fact that my living room was back to normal, no table pieces hidden behind furniture, Matt's laptop wasn't on the base of our new table as a temporary stand, just our old ugly furniture, the nice tv and gorgeous china cabinet :)

Today is Newbody day, hooray! I'm hoping to get the clear wood protector on the swingset when I get home. It would be so great to have another thing off the to-do list done!!

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Angela said...

That is an insane evening! I would be lucky to get all that accomplished in a week, much less a night ;)