Tuesday, August 29, 2006

And Two Shall Be As One

Well, we made it to the wedding this weekend. We had a late start Friday night >:( Considering I was at the wheel it was a >:(++ kind of trip. Since having Alex I've rarely had the need to drive at night and when I do it's in the city or highly populated areas, not a dark highway. The fact that we encountered a camper that couldn't decide what lane it was going to drive in and was straddling the division was not making me any more comfortable. I was so glad when we passed it. We arrived at Lisa and Davis's house only getting slightly lost, as in about 5 minutes extra of driving at best.

Saturday morning Alex helped Lisa get breakfast ready, he was just bouncing waiting for Matt and Davis to get up so he could get to Magic Mountain. He absolutely loved it! While he was on one of the kiddie slides and Lisa and I detoured to the Tornado, Matt checked out what slides Alex could get on in the adult section and was misinformed that it was only the pro racer...which we clarified quickly. So Alex's first adult ride was hurtling head first down this slide (I wish they had pictures of it to explain why I was screaming as loud as I was the whole way down) on this little foam crazy carpet thing. I was absolutely terrified at the end and here's Alex "Oh that was so totally awesome, we're going again". I don't think he experienced the whole brief airborn sensation I did at age 6 ;)

Every ride that we'd go down I thought Alex would be terrified at the end but no...he was gung ho! Matt and I went on two slides that are safe to say we'll never do again. One is a mini kamikaze all enclosed...which was like having a colon cleansing upon reaching the bottom it was sooo fast. The other looked tame...I heard guys screaming in it but I thought it was because they were trying to be cool fun...Matt ended up flipping and bumping things (apparently one should head the weight warning, even when you're a pound or two over) and well me? It was like a being shot through a cork screw! I ended up wedgied and on my belly with my wedgy exposed!! Thank goodness I'm married or that would have been enough to scare any boyfriend off ;)

Thankfully we did the lazy river and wave pool with Lisa and Davis too, it was so fun to be going as a group instead of just the three of us!!

The wedding was beautiful, although supper ran long...and Alex's sinuses were bothering him and he was tired from our exciting adventure! We ended up leaving at around 9:30. When we arrived back at L&D's we had a chance to catch up some more and look over each other's wedding pics :)

Sunday we headed to one of my favorite spots for breakfast in Moncton, Heinz's. I don't think I'd been there since I lived in Moncton 7 years ago. We had a little wait but it was fun cramming into a little booth ;) When we returned to L&D's we packed up and got to chat some more, it's just been so long!! At noon we headed to the gift openning which was the longest on record I think ;) On the way back to the highway I convinced Matt to stop at Toys R Us to see if they had any of the storage bins, which they did. It was a good thing we'd stopped too as we realized we forgot Alex's blanket AND Walker (Al's Cabbage Patch) at Lisa's!!

Monday I FINALLY got back to stitching but it was certainly frustrating. I need to fix the W on my Giggles in the Snow...which needs to be brought to the exhibition by Thursday...So I got the W all ripped out and do you think I could find 2 of the 4 colours I needed?? VERY frustrating! Then this morning I went to the framer's to see about my frame and the girl covering the shop didn't know where it was...but thankfully found it within a half hour!! I was beginning to think it would be my first year in a while not entering! On break I picked up the threads though and stitched in most of the part that needed to be fixed, only 17 stitches to go!! ;)

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