Tuesday, August 15, 2006

We're Back!!

We're back safe and sound...clean is another story ;) Unpacking from our awesome trip home is taking awhile. Apparently DH does not know how to use the washer so there was nice backlog of clothes, thankfully most of ours were washed before we left the Miramichi! I have the quilt I bought loaded back in the van to return so that's out of our kitchen too ;) It was fun setting up the other quilt that I bought for the craft/guest room. Now I have something to coordinate a paint colour with ( the lion king comforter just didn't lend itself to any of the colours I had in mind ;)

I was dead tired last night by the time I hit the sheets, not a single stitch in all evening, just groceries, making a chicken curry and prepping the veggies for tonight's Starving Guy Chicken Pot Pie, then unpacking. It's really nice when your husband offers to bring something to town for someone to pick up the day after you get back from vacation and EVERYTHING is in your kitchen/dining room, closest to the door! Needless to say I wasn't in a very good mood ;) I did get to chat with mom on the webcam afterwards and tested out the fixes that I did while I was home, now they're no longer dependant on the headset. Main problem?? In the 'man's domain' of computers, with the majority of men suffering some degree of color blindness, why on earth would they put two jacks in the back that are pale yellow and pale green. Even I had to double check the colours with some better lighting!!

Last night's biggest accomplishment by far was getting Alex to eat brocolli! Especially where he's adamently sworn that the only two things he hates are brocolli and olives. Apparently if it's coated in the curry sauce he'll eat it. He actually mooched half my plate!! Guess I won't need to make him a seperate supper the next time that's on the menu ;)

Today should see some stitching, I'm hoping to sneak downstairs for a bit to work on the stocking, otherwise I'll be upstairs fixing the W on giggles so I can frame him and then try to get back on my rotation ;) Tomorrow's stitchy night so I'm REALLY looking forward to that ;) While we were home we went to the Napan fair and they had a small (but impressive) display of cross stitch, that really got me in the mood to finish something big again ;) Alex really enjoyed the fair, the midway was bloody expensive but thankfully inside was neat and kept him from thinking about the rides too much, petting zoos, exhibits, antique farm equipment, food, and neat competitions, not just the standard show judging of horses...the best by far was the lawn tractor/trailer slalom ;)

Now to see if I can find pics of any of the new Dragon Dreams releases online ;)


Faith Ann said...

I dream of the day when DS will eat broccoli again! He loved it as a baby and now is repulsed by it LOL.

Shannon L. said...

New releases ? ! Ack, must put a hold on my massive stash purchases LOL

Glad you had a good time :) And good luck with the continued broccoli eating.