Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Viva La Vacatione! spanish is very rusty! ;) It's been so nice vacationing, we've been to escuminac beach, market, Moncton for a girly shopping trip and just relaxing. Today's been a bit hectic. On our way home from Moncton (with a car load of goodies and stash) we came across a little calico cat on the road. He/she looked pretty neglected so we tried to take it to the spca which was closed. Now when we went up there today, trying to be responsible pet loving citizens they wouldn't take it, told us it had an infection and to put it down ourselves! What the goodness is the SPCA for then?? Anyway the vet wasn't in and the very nice (and not overly impressed with the local SPCA) receptionist was getting ahold of the animal control officer and the managers to see why the goodness we should be reponsible for putting down the poor cute (but ill) kitty before it's appointment at 2. :(

On to much more happy news, I was able to pick up the thread yesterday to finish my Lizzie Kate Our 1st Christmas ornament, yippee!! I did really well and kept my stash bill tame ;) I've been stitching away here and there on Matt's holiday stocking...why even when I'm not working does there never seem to be enough time??

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Shannon L. said...

oh dear heavens, you've left this cat-obsessed person curious about the poor kitty.... LOL (don't get me started on the SPCA...)

Sounds like you've been having a good time ! Enjoy the rest of your day :D