Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Stitchy Night Report

Hooray, it was stitchy night last night. I love Faith Ann's afghan, it is just gorgeous. And seeing her so close to finishing her first SB stocking makes me wish I had that stupid perle cotton colour so the Santa on mine would look a little more 'solid'. There was a really good turn out at stitchy night. I'm so excited about the possibility of a workshop too :) It was a special treat where stitchy night fell on Faye's birthday and we got to share her yummy chocolate cake. I stitched away on the 'top secret' project...although truthfully I could be stitching it under his nose and he'd never know...framing bills are get his attention much better ;)

Before stitching we had an interesting Newbody class, the normal instructor was 'out' and another instructor did her best to fill in, but where she was 'rusty' we had a 30 minute Newbody class and a 30 minute ball class...well, after vacation my body definitely appreciated the ball class, it's amazing how much you work in one of those! I must not be completely out of the shape I was in before summer, I was the only one beside the instructor who met the challenge exercise of rising from tuck position to kneel solely on the ball without a single spec of my body touching the floor. It was hard to concentrate enough at first with all the balls going everywhere and the giggles that ensued.

Project surprise Alex was a complete success. I went in to wake him this morning and told him there was a surprise for him at the table...he was so excited to see the new Magic Tree House book there, he was eagerly thumbing through it before his breakfast was served. Last night the girls were raving about the new Source yogurt dessert flavors...well I'd heard ramblings before but I don't know how many times I found a scrumptious flavored yogurt only to turn around and see the calorie count through the roof...but not this stuff. So instead of buying the big 16 pack (why oh why can't they have eights) I picked up the lemon meringue and it was a hit...and with the boys too ;) Alex loves yogurt and I was so glad to find an 'adult' kind he liked, he needs his extra smooth ;)

At lunch today I get to meet up with Eleni and do a big swap, I'm really looking forward to my 'treat' of fish and chips at lunch!!

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Faith Ann said...

Yummmmm... enjoy the fish and chips.

Glad to hear that Alex was excited about his new book!