Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Week Long Forecast: Whirlwinds Ahead!!

This weekend wasn't very stitchy, but it was at least productive. I finally got the remainder of the thank you cards out and about! Yes...the wedding was at the end of May but we had an 'inlaw' incident that required redoing a bunch of them. My original plan was to put out the thank you cards and distribute pictures to people on our Christmas card list, as over the years our list has been weeded out to people that appreciate our cars/pictures. Well, the MIL was up towards the end of June and we gave her a stack to hand out in Grand Falls. Then a couple weeks later, when the remainder were ready to go I found out she'd been distributing wedding photos to her side of the family when she dropped them off. >:( I was insulted, not only for me but for my family. I'll leave it at that as it's a very sore subject that tends to snowball if I think about it too much. So, I went and ordered some pictures from Superstore so I could redo up the remainder of the thank you cards and for some reason their machine kept autocorrecting the images and bleaching them out!! I love that photoshop for film prints but I definitely won't go back for digital prints! After that panic set in, what if my disk was bad? What if they could only be printed on the expensive express machine (the only machine the MIL uses). So...I decided to send a test set to Walmart, one print and one sepia (even the Sepia at the Superstore sucked), however Walmart isn't on my normal route so it took a while to get back there (have I mentioned that the distributed shots in GF were definitely NOT one's I'd pick)...So finally we got a batch of pics printed off and then the file with the list of addresses magically disappeared! Thankfully it's now all done *and took up alot more writing than I thought*

Back to the weekend... Alex enjoyed going to market so much when we were visiting mom and dad that he thinks we should go to the one here more often ;) So Saturday we got cleaned up and headed down and proceeded to the mall to get the boys hair cut. I had some articles to return and some additional pictures to print off as I'd miscounted so it was a productive trip. After a break and reading a stitching related mystery at least, I headed out and started the annual playground equipment maintenance, putting the deck scrub on and wiping it down. I definitely need a hose that'll go back that far, but thankfully about two hours, a pizza and watching The Benchwarmer's later there was a freak rain storm that literally pressure washed the whole unit!! Although this storm eventually brought with it some lightening so that put installing the new light fixtures out of the question!

Later in the evening Matt finally put together the pedestal table we inherited and although it's beautiful the boys are still whining about it. Matt and his long legs are not liking the pedestal in the center at all and there's a bit of a stability issue. Alex is just sentimentally attached to the old table and complaining about the reduction in leg room, arghhhh!!!

Sunday wasn't nearly as productive, but I did get alot of little things done, which actually made a big difference. My afternoon was pretty much a wipe with Bodypump and grocery shopping.

Monday was better, I got to the gym at lunch...Matt actually got his chores done on time, I got to stitch the secret project a bit!! I also convinced Matt that we should leave for our Moncton trip to visit Lisa and Davis Friday so Saturday wouldn't be too hectic for Alex where we have a late wedding to attend for Matt's cousin Dominic and her fiancé Luc at Le Pays De La Sagouine. Alex is very excited about the notion of going to Magic Mountain and somewhere squeezing in a snack at Taco Bell...which will probably be left until after people have to see me in a bathing suit ;)

Tonight I'm heading over to Eleni's for some much needed stitching with her and Angela, my goodness this week is really going to fly by with that tonight, Newbody/possibly pump tomorrow, last soccer practice of the season Thursday then leaving Friday! I'd better get organized ;)


Faith Ann said...

I'd be annoyed about the pictures too.

Enjoy your stitching night tonight! I keep saying that *tonight* will be the night that I make time to stitch too... we'll see :)

Angela said...

Sounds like a busy week. Looks like they're calling for sun on the weekend :)