Monday, July 31, 2006

Why Do Weekends Go So Fast?

D'oh...photobucket was having issues last night so I couldn't post the pics this morning I was hoping, sigh...

We had a relatively low key weekend. Saturday I headed over to the Avalon for a much over hair cut. I don't know why every summer I put off the summer crop until mid season and suffer through most of July with hot heavy hair that can only be put in a ponytail that ends up losing all volume by the end of the day. Alex almost cried when I told him I was going, he thinks the ideal woman wears makeup and a ponytail (he's obsessed with them) so after I assured him that my hair would still be long enough to put in one, minus a couple pieces of my layers hanging out he was fine. I took advantage of the warm weather and did a tonne of laundry and had it dry outside on the line and on our rack. As I was driving back from the spa I thought I'd bring up a trip to the waterslides when I got home, but Matt was pretty tired so we stayed home. Alex and I set up the slip and slide instead and I took some pics of him...and thankfully the neighbor across the road wasn't in any pictures without his shirt on ;)

Sunday involved mowing the back lawn and more laundry, and we'd made arrangements for my brother to watch Alex in the afternoon so we could finally see Pirates of the Carribean :) I did the groceries first and picked up Steven on the way back, I even managed to finally pick up some frames, one for my Katie's Eggs finally caught my eye and another for our group wedding photo and autographed photo mat. Oh...and I finally got some hangers to put them up with and some other framed pieces that have just been sitting around waiting for hooks. I LOVED the movie, but forgot to stay for the teaser at the end of the credits, darn having such a nice day to make you feel guilty for being in the theatre so long. Afterwards Matt drove Steven home and I made some applesauce meatballs for the boys. After supper we went for a bike ride. Alex can really pick up some speed on his new bike, we ended up driving down to the cul de sac at the end of our street and back, only to have Alex beg to go out again, so this time we went a bit further to the cul de sac behind our house. After the bike rides and then him mastering the monkey bars finally you'd think he would have been tired, hah! I finally got to do some stitching at 9, way passed his 8 pm bedtime. I didn't do much, just stitched in one of the four instances of the word "Snow" on my Glory Bee ornament :)

Today should be a bit better, it's supposed to shower at some point so hopefully we'll then get some stuff done around the house (like installing our new light fixtures) and then I'll get some stitchy time :)...Thankfully it's only a four day work week for me and then it's vacation!! :)

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