Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Happy Birthday Eleni!

Happy Birthday Eleni!! I'm really looking forward to her birthday luncheon today. Usually someone (actually both of us) are on vacation on this day but with the long weekend being late we can actually go out. Although today's noon hour was at a premium. Where we're usually not in town I didn't even think about it and made an appointment at the spa for a lash tint (I anticipate swimming a bit next week and don't feel like being attached to a tube of mascara...the joys of being a red head with blond lashes), so when Angela sent me a reminder/invite I rescheduled. Not two hours later our project manager sent out an invite for lunch for today where so many of us are going off on vacation in the next couple weeks, I politely declined :)

Well, yesterday was a little hectic. I've been pricing tires ever since I got the inspection back on the van and just out of curiousity checked out Canadian Tire before heading to the Miramichi Friday where I probably would have gotten Walmart to install a set (ours doesn't have an automotive department)...of course they were on sale THIS week! So while showing them to Matt who pointed out the Goodyear model that we had nothing but problems with both times a set were put on the Corolla were also on sale (plus they're touring tires, not what I was looking for traction wise) I headed down to CT, ordered my tires and made an appointment to put them on tonight after Newbody. When I got home I called mom and dad to tell them the good news, as dad keeps giving me not so subtle reminders that they marginally passed their inspection, and when mom relayed the message I then heard in the background 'Oh and I would have put them on for her next week...', being on my comeback ready little toes I replied, 'well they aren't paid for yet I can always cancel', *dead silence* :)

Matt and I enjoyed one of our Movie Night's from the stitching bridal shower. We rented V for Vendetta which was really good...after I got fed up with the first five minutes being so dark and changed the setting on the tv, I knew it was supposed to be a dark movie...but not that dark ;) As it was a 'date' night I didn't get to stitch, which was really hard seeing as one of my packages came in from SBB! I did however finish my Snow ornament by Glory Bee from JCS 2004 on break at work ;) Last night I also made the filling for a tortiere for Matt while I'm away and started packing the non essential clothes for a quick get away Friday morning :)

Tonight Matt is back on schedule and picking up Alex and taking him to the library, so I can go to newbody and then head up to the garage, stitching in tow!! :)

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Black Cat Ryan said...

I guess today is a popular day!

I can't wait for lunch... I'm hungry already! :) Glad you'll be able to make it.