Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Stitchy Night

Yippee, it's stitchy night!!! I can't wait!! An opportunity to work on that project for DH!! :) But due to stitching night and trying to squeeze in a Newbody workout before hand all the pre-organizing had to be done last night, making last night another stitchless night (thank goodness I got to stitch at lunch). Well..I could have stitched but the perennials I bought on vacation were begging to be planted!! So I got supper in the oven, tidied up some more post vacation messies, put another load of laundry in, started supper for tonight, got my stuff organized for tonight and organized Eleni's stash order.

We've been working at getting Alex back on his school time sleep schedule but still managed to conclude reading Mary Pope Osborne's Pirates Past Noon before this week's target time. I was feeling a bit guilty about not seeing that much of him today (Matt will be picking him up and I'll briefly see them when I get home for a shower before they head to his last library night) so at lunch I headed over to the book store and picked up book 2 of the series, the Knight at Dawn, (book 4 was a birthday gift or we'd have started in order)..where book 1 wasn't in. I can't wait to see his face when he spots that at the breakfast table tomorrow morning.

Is it just me or did this summer fly by?? I'm sure people could hear us shrieking when we spotted one of our trees leaves turning red!! Alex and I were doing our best impersonation of the KFC fall commercial that's been running for the last year or two. I checked up on Alex's soccer and the last practice of the season is next week! Then it'll be time to look into registering for swimming lessons again and beavers. Typically I don't believe in overscheduling but he really wants to go to beavers and I'd really like him to have some sort of physical activity so we'll try juggling two...but no more ;)

It's even harder to believe that...if tradition repeats itself...that the next stitchy night will also coincide with JCS Ornament Issue Release!! Now there's something to get excited about ;)


Black Cat Ryan said...

I thought that was thunder last night, musta been you & Alex finding the red leaf. Summer is going WAY too fast!

Hope you get lots of stitching in tonight!

Shannon L. said...

Christmas decorations at Costco was my first clue :( Summer is flying by ! But thankfully I don't think I've seen a leaf changing colour yet. Maybe I'll keep my eyes closed.

Happy Stitching tonight !