Thursday, August 31, 2006


Yay! We're all set for the local exhibition. I managed to bleach out the red wax that dripped on our unity candle holder last night (although the perle cotton isn't as shiny in that spot anymore), got Giggles ready for the framed cross stitch category, got Wishful Stitching (sampler) ready for the unframed category and my Jeanette Douglas needlerolls ready for the ornament category. Alex also made some of Jennifer's Worth Hoarding chocolate bars (JCS 04) for the children's squares category and I made some cookies for the Crisco bake off. Normally I only use crisco at Christmas and years ago I used to enter ALOT of baking...but now kid time is at a premium and the product categories for baking have much higher winnings so I stick to them (and the horrid memory of some volunteer smushing my bag into my fudge, losing my points on appearance left me abit sore on entering baked goods anymore). Next year I'm hoping to enter 'mystery project' in the large christmas decoration category and hopefully Guardian Angel will also be done at that time.

Last night was productive, I mowed the front, side and a quarter of the back lawn, made Frex food, and I almost put together Alex's bins last night but I'm debating taking them back. The side pieces aren't 'mint' so we'll see...have to locate the receipt first though! Although this did cut into my stitching time. I shouldn't complain too much, everything will be nice, clean and ready for me to kick back over my extended long weekend!! Luckily my job has flex hours and I'm fortunate enough to have enough banked to take the day off with Alex tomorrow which one of was going to have to anyway where our sitter is taking a much needed/deserved day off!! :)

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Faith Ann said...

Good luck with all your FREX entries this year!!

Oh my gosh, driving around down there was insane this afternoon. I went to get groceries and forgot that today was the opening day.