Friday, August 11, 2006

Vacation Update

Omigosh where did the time go?? Wednesday was spent mostly taking care of Phoebe (ie: smelly cat). Mom and I had our first experience bathing a kitty, well that was interesting but at least she was no longer matted in poo. The vet took her in and was going to try to fix her up so that the spca would take her and thankfully was going to bill the spca. We didn't know all what was wrong with her besides rhinotracheitis, had this have been 7 years ago I'd probably have taken her in but Alex and the house are pretty demanding...along with hoping/wishing to expand the family in the next couple of years. I don't think I'd make a very good kitty mommy. After Phoebe was left in the hands of a very compassionate vet who we trust with making the right decision what to do with her when all of her conditions we took Alex to his first trip to a national park Kouchibouguac.

Thursday we relaxed where it was raining, dad had to retrieve Steven from Fredericton as he's in a wedding this weekend so Alex got some girly time. We also got in our trip to Estey's, it's definitely changed since the son took over :( Or maybe I'm just that accustomed to William's fish and chips back home. I got back to working on Matt's stocking, I'm trying to keep it under wraps and surprise him at christmas.

Today we headed to the market, where we started our vacation a week ago, then took some pics of some living room sets so Matt and I could make a decision on our wedding gift. Tonight we're hoping the rain stays away so we can get to the Napan fair, amoungst their exhibits is a cross stitch one...guess where I'm heading ;)

And to finish off, some more pics from the week (had a very cute one of Alex swimming at Kouch...until I realized he had some MAJOR butt crack...sigh) Alex, Pappy and Jazz

New Brunswick Day Bouncing At Middle Island

Feeding the Goats, New Brunswick Day Middle Island

Goat Watching

Sand Condo Construction at Escuminac

Look What the Tide Washed In! Escuminac, NB

On The Boardwalk Escuminac, NB


Black Cat Ryan said...

Cool pics!

Shannon L. said...

Fabulous pictures - it looks like he had a ton of fun !:) And I"m glad you took smelly cat to the vet. You're smart to know your limitations. Have a fabulous weekend !

Faith Ann said...

You vacation flew by! It looks like Alex was having lots of fun!!