Thursday, August 24, 2006

Is It Friday Yet?

I dunno about this whole Piggy thing...I would have thought I was a Scooter or even a Kermit. Maybe I'm a diva and don't know it ;)

Last night was another busy night. I headed to Newbody and that class sure has grown in numbers since the wedding. It used to be a little niche group but it's really exploded. Our instructor also explained her absence from last weeks class. She apparently has really bad sciatica...but only when she's pregnant. Wow, she's three months into pregnancy number three and looks fantastic, you'd never know...if that's not motivation to eat better and work out more I don't know what is.

I'd made supper in the morning and Matt popped it in the oven for me so it was ready when I walked in the door. As soon as supper was done I headed out to waterproof the swingset....scrubbing it wasn't nearly as annoying. It looks mighty impressive again! After finishing that Alex and I played a couple rounds of Candyland, he had Clue Jr all set up but that game can take awhile and he needed to get to bed. He has the weirdest obsession with apples lately. I'm beginning to think that he heard somewhere about biting into one to take out oa loose tooth...but it's a healthy snack so should I be complaining? Maybe the weekend my familie's down for my birthday we'll get a chance to visit one of the many orchards and pick our own big juicy apples. I thought it was so fun when my grandparents used to take us, I'm sure Alex would be equally as excited.

After he was in bed I raided my stash and found some fabric to stitch DD's Charlotte Freebie "Good Knight Sleep Tight". Initially I had planned to stitch the Lost Dragon Sampler for Alex for Christmas but when the freebie came in I decided that if he got one stitched gift (his room is in serious need of transition from Winnie The Pooh) he'd definitely enjoy this one the most...Not that I'm not still hoping to complete The Lost Dragon Sampler for him as well, it looks right up my quick to stitch alley ;) Anyway, back to Good Knight...well it's coming along quite quickly! I got a respectable portion of him stitched while watching Bones, especially considering we had a popcorn break in there ;)

Today is going to be busy. I need to wrap the wedding gift and pack. Matt's behind on folding laundry so I'm guessing about 5 minutes before we got to bed I'll be greated with a big stack that needs to be put away. Tonight's also the last night for Alex's soccer and where they do a 'closing ceremonies' and give all the kids participation medals it's going to be a long evening. I'm really hoping to get the back lawn mowed as well tonight, which should be doable before supper, considering it's sitting in the fridge waiting to be warmed up ;)

I'm getting really excited for our visit with Lisa and Davis, with planning for both of our weddings since last summer we really haven't had that much time to spend together. Hopefully the sun will be shining for our trip to Magic Mountain!

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Faith Ann said...

I like your birthday counter!

I'm surprised that your Newbody class has grown over the summer... I always expect that to happen after Christmas when everybody makes new year's resolutions.

Hope you have a great weekend! MM sounds like fun :)