Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Hooray!! Giggles is at the framer's being put together now!! What a p.i.t.a that has been!! I didn't realize that the reason my W was off was because I'd miscounted a snow blob! So, I ended up stitching the exact same part over again in the exact same spot! I only realized this AFTER I'd laced it. It took some creative fixing but he's now centered!! What was worse was my normal lacing needle has been borrowed by the secret project so I had to find a creative way to obtain it without Matt seeing, who was perched on the couch.

Before all that schmoz I had a mini panic attack when I got home and Matt's car wasn't there. He was carpooling and I saw his bud's car drive in but never noticed what car they left in, any other time when someone arrives at the house they either leave their car or leave with Matt! I was beginning to panic thinking it had been stolen but thankfully both of them arrived home just as the new Baked Ziti recipe I was trying was coming out of the oven!!

After supper we headed to the Coop to check out the leather Palliser set they had on sale...but then we made a detour to Lane furniture. What an absolutely gorgeous store!! And what was best is that Matt actually liked EVERYTHING in the store, and believe me that never happens ;). The Palliser set didn't seem quite as nice after sitting in our favorite style, the Alpine but not in the colour shown.

It turned out to be a late night for Alex and he was pretty disappointed we didn't get to read a chapter of The Magic Treehouse last night :( I did pick him up Mummies in the Morning though as we've only got 2 chapters left! Speaking of TMT, it was soo neat when we were at Magic Mountain...we went past the gift shop and all of a sudden Alex got all excited and pointed out "The Jolly Roger", which he'd read about in Pirates Past Noon, we thought it was pretty neat that he'd retained that ;)

In my break time travels I also found a copy of the UK Cross Stitcher, the covetted copy with the Ultimate Margaret Sherry Collection which includes her 12 days of Christmas. Now to find the time to stitch it!!! ;)

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Barbara said...

I obviously have to buy The Magic Treehouse - seems like everyone's kids love it! Can't wait to see your framed project!