Monday, April 03, 2006

Leaping Into Spring

Wow, for a weekend that wasn’t supposed to be busy ours sure turned out that way! Alex had the day off school Friday for parent teacher so Matt worked from home (I can’t wait until the probation period at work is over so I can take some flex time on those days) and he got a call from the parents of another little boy in his class who was supposed to come over this weekend to go visit instead. Well Alex was thrilled :) I was a bit anxious as I wasn’t there to take him, and remind him of proper manners but he did get an invite back, yay!! Saturday he was invited by Kayla to the end of session free swim at the YMCA which he really enjoyed. We also had tickets to the 1pm showing of Ice Age 2 which we all enjoyed :).

The weather was so beautiful Saturday that we spend the remainder of the day outside doing some spring work. The trees are all trimmed, I’ve planted 75 new bulbs (hoping I didn’t kill any old ones in the process), tilled up some of the garden area and cleaned up more garbage from the woods. Tonight I’m hoping to tackle the side garden and get it prepped for some bulbs ;)

I did get some stitching in this weekend. Proof! is now just waiting for the Kreiniks (I really need to take a progress picture) and I started The Sweetheart Tree’s Merry Christmas Bellpull ornament from 04’s JCS. I had started Dragon Dreams The Time I spend stitching but have a question out on e-mail that I’m waiting for a response on before I continue ;)

Last night we had mom, dad and Jazz over for a visit as they were on their way to drop Jazz off to the kennel this morning and then off to Halifax and Cuba…who on earth will I e-mail for a whole week???


Faith Ann said...

It sounds like your gardens will be beautiful!!

Angela said...

Wanna come do my gardens when you're done? ;) Glad you had a good weekend!