Monday, April 24, 2006

My Kind Of Weekend!

What an awesome weekend. I started it off with the new release of Body Pump and my triceps are still sore, awesome :) Saturday morning I was up bright and early for a girlie shopping day in Moncton with Cathey. We first went to Elite Framing for Cathey's second LL quiltmaker where I finally found a frame for my DD Imagination Creation, then we hit Because You Count, then I took a quick walk over to the quilt shop to get some variegated sewing thread for the baby rag quilt I'm working on (there are white blocks so I wanted them to have a littl oomph! After dropping some money at that mini mall (yay they had the thread I needed for The Time I Spend Stitching and Wishful Stitching as well as picking up Waxing Moons "She Who Dies With The Most Patterns"

At noon we headed to the seamstress who's doing the bridesmaid dresses for Lisa's wedding, all of mom's measurements were spot on, no need for pinning the hem. The only thing that was off was the arm holes which measurements wouldn't have prevented as they're rarely done... The next order of business was lunch, which we had at the Lonestar. It's located in the Blue Cross building downtown and I got to show Cathey all the neat things, like the waterfall/wishing pool with glass bridge and the glass elevators (ok...well maybe just cool for Atlantic Canada, this coming from someone who took their son to The Bay in Moncton just so he could ride an escalator as I don't know of any others unless they're in Saint John). We had a really good lunch, I had my traditional fajitas with a strawberry marg and then headed to the mall. Walmart just got a shipment of reasonably priced silk callalillies so I picked those up for the reception and some dips, then we found that the Children's Place (home of Alex's hat and the argyle knit vests) had a sale on. So Alex now has some stylin linen pants, a new tie and a new golf shirt for under 30$ sweet! After a trip to Michael's and a visit with Cathey's grandmother we headed back home. It was the perfect girlie trip :)

Saturday night I settled in and finished stitching The Time I Spend Stitching, I'll definitely post a pick when I get home. Sunday we got up and started cleaning as Matt's bestman was supposed to come down but couldn't make it, at least the house is now clean. In the afternoon I ventured out to save what lillies I could from Matt's digging and planted one of my Hostas. After that I started painting the deck and just have the floor surface to work on, yay!! I'm soo hoping we can get it done in time for the wedding. I had my fitting for my dress last night and I'm very confident in my choice of seamstress. It was nice seeing the dress actually fit!! I settled in last night to work on Wishful Stitching and I found I'd left the pattern portion of my pattern pack at work, sigh...I even had my new thread ready! At least I got to do some Bargello this morning when I got in early ;)


Angela said...

Yep - there are escalators (and a glass elevator) in SJ ;) What a metropolis! lol

Faith Ann said...

LOL On one of our SJ trips we took DS to Brunswick Square for the sole purpose of going on the escalator.