Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Chasing Rainbows

Last night I came out of body pump to the most glorious rainbow I think I’ve ever seen. I didn’t even mind walking in the sunshower to the van as staring at the rainbow really touched my childhood memories and had me reminiscing. Body Pump was awesome last night, the new tracks are tough (and I upped my weights) but they’re so peppy I love it! (I did rush out and finally bought the Black Eyed Peas after the release just so I could get psyched at home to Pump It!) ;)

Yesterday I spent the day at the Delta at an IT conference, fun. The morning was interesting, it was nice to see some more “place of former employment” refugees, people from my first coop workterm with HRDNB and just some old classmates from UNB. Lunch was ok, I went to the van to stitch in the downtime between lunch and the afternoon session. The one afternoon session was annoying, the screen wasn’t centrally located and we had someone talking at our table the whole time so it was really hard to hear.

After making the boys supper I headed out to body pump and when I returned I showered and played a little WoW, Katiebelle is now a level 45 warlock ;) I then stitched and headed to bed.

Today I have to meet with the minister at the church, and then I’m going to go home and put some more paint on the deck ;) I think I’ll have to do groceries tonight after Alex gets ready for bed so I’ll have time to pack on Thursday for our trip to the Miramichi. I can’t wait, I’ve only been home for an hour and a half this year, although Alex is concerned that his Friday taco routine will be disrupted again ;)

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