Friday, March 31, 2006

Bye Bye Betty

Well, it is done...Betty my beloved Buick was sold for parts and taken away. Sigh, I've never sold nor traded in before and she's been in the family for over a decade, poor old girl. But now at least I can park Vanessa in her spot ;)

In other news Alex had a glowing parent teacher review, which was a relief as the last one had me almost in tears! He still needs to work on blurting out answers (he's one smart cookie and just wants to help kids that don't know) but his Math skills are way beyond what's expected of his grade level and he's already reading at the level they need to be in June. All that one on one work over the holidays paid off and he's less frustrated with printing, which means he's much happier the rest of the time :)

As for stitching Proof! is on the shelf waiting for some Kreiniks, sigh...I was just to Moncton where I could have picked them up but thought I had them...but had the non vintage colours and I really don't think the red is the right hue without it being vintage. I also picked up the 'stitch'em collection' from Hobb Knobb designs from for the craft room. I can't wait to see her.

We've had some lovely weather lately (somewhat explaining my lack of posting), I even got to wash Vanessa last evening and do our first bbq of the season :) I also did some spring cleaning around the yard and gathered up some of the dead stalks from last years plants and broken branches, I love being outside again!

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Tallulah said...

Hi there,
I thought I'd visit your blog because you have the same name as me (and spelt the same) and like me you're into cross-stitch. Is 77 for the year of your birth? I was also born in 77, it's a fine vintage.
Your blog is great, really varied, I like that. I have bookmarked you to revisit often.
You have a beautiful family, your son looks so much like a combination of the two of you that it is almost frightening (in a nice way). I really hope now that I haven't made a faux pas and he actually has a different father or something....
What is "Proof!"? I looked around a bit on your site but I couldn't find a picture of the WIP.