Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Some Quick Updates

First off my HD Dragon Dreams Proof!

And now the Sweetheart Tree WIP


Faith Ann said...

Proof looks great!

I *love* your Sweetheart Tree WIP!!!!

Shannon L. said...

Proof is so cute - what's the fabric ? And I too am in love with your Sweetheart tree wip ! Another fabulous fabric choice ! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous !

Katie said...

Thanks :) I've really enjoyed the Sweetheart Tree ornament and can't wait to add it's 'bling' tonight, hopefully.

Proof! was stitched on a Silkweaver solo and after all the jokes I endured from the guys at work that it looked like I spilled my coffee on it...I'm really glad how it turned out :)

Katie said...

oh...the sweetheart tree ornament is done on an opalescent belfast, no hand dyeds involved ;)