Thursday, April 20, 2006

One Month to Go!

Yay, after much debate I finally made a decision on what to do about the weekend :) Cathey and I are going to make a girlie stitchy day trip to Moncton so I can do that dress fitting and get some stash (and visit Cathey's grandmother). I feel like a big weight has been lifted :) Normally I love going to retreat but due to all the wedding prep and all the Easter events in Grand Falls I've felt like I haven't seen my boys that much and where we're going away next weekend too I'd like to make the most of this one. Plus last time we went they were renovating and if the facilities were anything less than 100% I think I'd burst into tears at the moment.

So with retreat cancelled I was able to not feel guilty about going to stitchy night :) I enjoyed bringing in my projects, I didn't think I'd done much but they really accumulated! I did as much work as I could on TTISS but I forgot one of the threads that I needed, the Kreinik will have to wait until Saturday, then I started Fiddlestitch Cottage's Wishful Stitching. I now have 2.5 out of 15 rows done :) If somone had of told me 3 years ago that I'd be working on samplers, let alone 2 already this year I think I would have laughed them out of the room, my how times change!! Tracy also had her new design that'll be released this weekend "Three Wise Mice" ready to go. I really hope that Hoffman picks up her designs, I just love them.

Yay, I met one of my reading goals yesterday as well, I finished Monica Ferris's Framed In Lace while running. It's so much fun to be back into reading again :)

Today is relatively low key. This evening the girls are getting their dresses fitted so I can finally see them, yay!! I just need to call the church today and make rehearsal arrangements, then try to find the DJ's e-mail tonight, fun. Hopefully I can squeeze in some stitching as well :)

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