Tuesday, April 11, 2006

More Bad News...

Oh my goodness, just when we thought we were having a bad year Matt's mother called early (Matt doesn't usually get in until 6:30 or so) and sounded upset. I could tell from what I was hearing from Matt's end that it wasn't good and it wasn't something he was expecting (very shocked). To digress a little, Matt comes from a very large family and with his mother being the eldest we're actually more in the same age group as the youngest (their youngest child is a year older than Alex). Anyway, I guess his 38'ish uncle had a heart attack at work and passed away. Absolutely terrible, especially when there's children involved.

The contractor was over last night and he wasn't helpful at all. It was buy a sump pump, jack hammer a hole and I'll install it when I have time, WTF??? Do I look like I'm storing a jack hammer in my cross stitch closet? I know I'm crafty but do I look qualified to do it?? Anyway, I'm going to call insurance as we do have a sewerage rider but it's worded like it's possibly not covered but I thought I'd double check. He was more interested in excavating half the back yard and putting up a french drain...well if our drainage system hadn't frozen we wouldn't be having this problem, especially where we're already scraping to find enough money to go to the wedding at the end of the month. The water has been going down since Matt dug his trench so I'm hoping this is a sign of better things to come. I can't wait for my dad to arrive back in the country so I can ask him a whole bunch of questions.

After the contractor left and the lunches were made (minus mine). I picked up Proof intent on finishing it (well except for the one little square of 322, until I find it) and where was the pattern...at work. I did as much of the back stitching as I could patternless, all of the non detail backstitching, played a little warcraft and then Matt and I went to bed as we were both physically, emotionally and financially drained.

This morning I got to work on time, which is a miracle as we left for work late (I needed to write a note to school as Alex heard about Matt's Uncle passing away suddenly and where the whole death subject is still processing in his head post gram's death I wanted to let them know that he might be more agitated or have a bunch of questions). I had exactly 9 minutes between getting to my desk, yay for having to arrive early just to get a free parking spot, and when work started and I managed to finish Proof!. Now to finally take a pic tonight and upload it at home :)


Faith Ann said...

Sorry to hear about Matt's uncle. It seems like all I've been hearing about over the last year are heart problems!

Also sorry to read that the contractor wasn't much help. I'm shocked that they expect you to do the jack hammer work!

At least your mom and dad will be back very soon and you can get some advice from them.

Shannon L. said...

I'm so sorry about Matt's uncle. That's far far too young, and obviously quite a shock.

Contractors... mutter mutter mutter. Maybe invest in a sledge hammer ? Good way to take out frustrations :)