Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Frustrations of 'Intuitive' Software

Sigh, no stitching for me last night L Nor did I get to attack the side garden, for some odd reason Word was possessed last night and would not print the invitations properly. After fighting with it resetting my margins, playing with the advanced settings on the printer I finally gave up, went low tech and had wonderful success in word pad, go figure! Now I only have about 10 reply cards to write up, and then it’s onto addressing envelopes and sending/delivering them ;)

Now, just because I didn’t get any stitching done last night does not mean I didn’t get any stitching in at all ;) I did start stitching in the lettering to the Sweetheart Tree Merry Christmas Bellpull Ornament from the 2004 JCS. It is going to be so pretty when it’s done.

I didn’t get out to wash the car or garden last night as planned, the sky started looking iffy while I was making the quiche so I decided against washing the car. Fighting with ‘intuitive’ software took up my gardening time but now the invitations are 80% done, and the thank you cards are ready to mail out as well. We did get out for a nice family walk after supper though so the night wasn’t a complete washout.

I’m looking forward to heading out for lunch with Eleni and Jackson today, it’s hard to believe the number of weeks we’ll be able to do this is getting quite short (well to at least have Jackson attending). I’m going to try to arrange something with Matt so I can get to the 7 pm BodyPump class tonight as well, with the hectic schedule on the weekends I can’t make it to my usual Friday night class until May so it’s going to take some sacrifices during the week to keep on track. Hopefully I’ll be able to sneak a little stitching in though before bed!

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