Wednesday, April 19, 2006

To Retreat or Not To Retreat

Yay, it seems our floods are receeding *knock on wood*. Yesterday it rained on and off but the water in our storm drain went down, it's down a full 1.5 inches in 24 hours. Here's hoping that the drainspout fix will continue to take pressure off of the system. Way to go Dad!
I got a call from Tracy about a half hour before quitting time letting me know Alex had a fever, whatever she gave him worked as he was back to loving Alex when I picked him up 45 minutes later :) For supper he actually ate (he hasn't felt much like eating) and even ate half my ladle in red chili, beans and all! He said the chili made him feel better:)

Matt picked him up at 6:30 so that I could head out to Body Pump. I found out the new releases were this week so I signed up for the classes should I not get to retreat. I've been really on the fence about going where Cathey and half the rest of the group aren't going, then there's the money issue (although I still have to make a day trip down for a dress fitting) and there's the fact that I miss having some time with my boys as all the reorganizing to fit in workouts and our wedding activities due to the other wedding has cut into my time with them. I know it'll be all better soon but coupled with a bout of insomnia I really go back and forth on it. When I got an e-mail from Faye saying she too might not be able to go I really started seeing it as a sign, but some sleep aids and a good night's sleep has me not so certain again, sigh... I really hate being an on the fence person too!

Last night I got a little stitching in :) I have Bent Creek's Joy Angel on the go as my office project, and I've been doing up the last little bit of stitching until my Kreinik's arrive for The Time I Spend Stitching. I'm hoping to start Fiddlestitch Cottage's Wishful Stitching this weekend :)

Tonight's also stitchy night. I'm going to attempt to go to newbody first, then run home, shower, eat and make a later enterance. Normally we try to get there super early but with the upcoming wedding I should go to class and where I'll be travelling alone I can take my good old sweet time ;)

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stevejscott said...

Katie, katie, katie..

Can I use your raccoons in my thesis? :D

BTW, shouldn't let Alex go near them and shouldn't encourage their presence. The parasite rhe raccoon *may* habour here in NB is fatal to humans...and there is no treatment for it. Hence the insanely sterile protocol I must follow this summer. eek.