Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Adding Some Bling

Just so people don't think that all I do is complain about my incredibly horrible luck...I have a picture of the instock 'bling' that I added to my Merry Christmas Bellpull. I can't wait until the new cream magnifica beads arrive so I can finish it :)

Today got off to a crappy start, I seriously thought the IT conference was today but when I dropped by the Delta it was the registration was due today ;) So I had no lunch packed, no stitching and was too late for free parking. However I managed to turn some of it around and accomplish the following tasks.

  • Dropped two more invitations off in the mail
  • Addressed the remaining invitations from my side
  • Resheduled girls dress fittings
  • Scheduled my dress fitting
  • Got groceries, although I got stuck in the parking garage due to some idiot who tried to drive out of the automated parking building without paying
  • Applied for and received our marriage license
  • Went to Newbody

With all that said it's time for this red head to head to bed ;)


Shannon L. said...

Wow, bad start to the day - but what a successful day :) The bling looks perfect. What a great design.

Faith Ann said...

Nice bling :)

Certainly got down through the to-do list!!