Friday, April 21, 2006

Fit To Be Tied

Arghh....last night was very frustrating. After picking up a cranky kid and making my supper seperate from the boys Matt didn't show up to pick up Alex, no phone call, nada. Now normally I'd just be late but where gas prices have been up Eleni and I decided that one vehicle was enough going across river and up to Douglas and were carpooling. So I had to bring cranky kid with me for the dress fittings, something I wasn't too happy about. It would be one thing if it were a shopping trip but a dress shop...where one could pay off a good chunk of the house with the inventory in the shop, not happy. Plus I kind of set a higher standard for myself when I'm out, I don't believe my kid should be out of hand enough for people to point out that he shouldn't be doing something, very stressful. I was so wishing that Bree Van De Kamp existed (before the whole AA subplot)!! It turns out Matt got confused and went to pick Alex up at Tracy's...I will not pretend to figure out how men's heads are wired ;)

The girls dresses look very pretty IMO, the indigo was a little lighter than I thought it would be but still very pretty. I also picked up some earrings for me. I find that sooo hard when I don't have my dress actually on. I was running around last night in my jammies, headpiece and earrings ;)

Sigh, this weekend we need to go on the hunt for a long ladder. Just after we fixed part of our water problem we had a HUGE windstorm Wednesday that blew the connector between the eavestrough and the downspout off, arghhh.... Today on the wedding agenda I need to pick up the unity candle holder, e-mail the dj (yay found the contact info) and double check our test meal time with catering services. In the last 24 hours I've...
  • dropped off or mailed the remaining invitations to the dance
  • gone to the dress fitting
  • set up an appointment for acrylic nails
  • dropped off the colour for the cake (DMC 341)
  • Set up a rehearsal time and scheduled a meeting about the service contents

But fret not, I did get some stitching in!! I started the smyrna crosses on Fiddlestitch Cottage's Wishful Stitching :) I should be able to put quite the dent in it tonight after doing some cleaning ;)

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Faith Ann said...

How do men get those things confused so often? I don't get it!

At least you were able to cross several items off your to-do list :)