Monday, May 01, 2006

Here Comes The Bride...('s Maid of Honour)

Friday Matt and I took the day off, and it's a good thing as the weekend was soo hectic. Friday consisted of driving Alex to school, taking the bottles back while we were in town, picking up a little snack at Tim Horton's before heading to the high school to see Alex's choral presentation in the Music Festival. He was a complete angel the whole time he was waiting, no talking or fidgetiing, good boy! They were sooo cute+++ I video taped it with my camera while Matt took pictures with the old film camera. I had to move though as the conductor was right in front of Alex, sigh... After the music festival Matt and I headed home to finish packing (and I was zonked as I stayed up until midnight writing my MOH speech). After packing and taking a breather we headed down to the Crowne Plaza for our test meal all of which was excellent. We'll be servine an exotic mushroom ragout on puff pastry for an appetizer, a turkey dinner with stuffing that actually rivals mom's (and no one beats moms ;)) although the chicken penne was very tempting....and chocolate mousse cake. Due to the chocolate dessert and Irish Cream Truffles we're having as favors we decided to switch the serving layer of our cake to Irish Cream and make the Kahlua Fudge layer our anniversary layer to avoid chocolate overload. I was soo relieved to see the interior renovations done, the hotel is looking fantastic! After our test meal and picking Steven up we headed to the school, picked up Alex and got on the road. We arrived at mom and dad's at about 3:30 which was great, we had some time to relax before we had to make the trip up to Lyttleton again. Alex had a sleepover while we went to the rehearsal.

The rehearsal was fun, and kind of helpful as now I know what I have to do (I've never been married or in a wedding before...well I did read in one but it was 11 years ago and I wasn't really in to taking notes when I was 18). I forgot that there were stairs in the church (it's been over 11 years since I'd been there) so Dawn and I made a pact to practice with our dresses as soon as we got back to the house we were staying in. We had a nice low key dinner after (good as Matt had it in his head that this had to be a big too do event) and us girls headed to Clyde's house after while the boys went to play basketball and football at the church's rec center. I tried to be a good girl and went to bed early but Matt hadn't been to the house before so I got worried when he wasn't in by midnight but he did eventually show up.

Saturday was hectic, a noon wedding meant me getting rolling when I'm not usually, the
morning. We had a big breakfast and then settled in to getting ready. The wedding was gorgeous and of course I couldn't even make myself get choked up through the rehearsal, getting ready what not. When do I get teary, when I walk in the door, when does my nose start running, the second I'm up facing everyone. It also turns out that Lisa's organist is also a Wildwood retreater...yay another stitcher :) My face still aches some from the photos. I survived my speech and it must have been half decent as it was the first time Lisa got teary eyed all day. After the reception we headed back to mom and dad's, vegged and eventually went out with Gerry and Jessie to the Opera House for some dancing. I learned that under new ownership there are now black lights...that really made my nice new bra glow under my gauzy Matt no longer wonders why I keep my slightly greyed bra ;)

Sunday we relaxed with mom and dad, Alex had fun. After lunch Matt went golfing and mom and I went to walmart to look for ideas of what to put in the center of our center pieces for the wedding, I'll have to post some of my pics later...I love it. When we got back I took Alex down to the beach as it was such a gorgous day. We played down there for a little over an hour and got a really good view of all the spotter planes and water bombers that were fighting a fire not too far from mom and dad's (Pics to follow tonight hopfeully). I also got a little more stitching in on Wishful Stitching, I was hoping to have it done this weekend but I ended up getting alot more of the other little stuff done instead :)

We arrived back at the house at 8:30 so I still have some unpacking to do tonight before I go over to Angela's to stitch for a bit :) I can't wait to see the house!

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Faith Ann said...

Where's a picture of you all dressed up on Saturday? and I don't mean one of the glowing bra LOL.

Sounds like a fun weekend!