Sunday, December 11, 2005

Yet Another Weekend Gone By!

I did have a 'finish' this weekend, sewed the button on this tonight ;)

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Dry Turkey-Raise The Roof Designs

Besides that we actually had a very quiet weekend. Friday evening Alex and I made tags with my stamps and sizzix dies. Saturday only consisted of a trip to the mall to pick up our "The Côté's" ornament and mail Shannon and Logan's parcel off as I needed Matt to drive me, poor Betty was acting up which will require her to go see the garage sometime this week.

Today has also been pretty quiet. I slept in so I didn't make it to church, then made some spaghetti sauce and a cake, tidied up some of the stuff that had accumulated while I was sick and then we all hopped in the car to go see Narnia. I really liked it, and would so love to adopt the little girl who played Lucy, she was too cute for words! It's been almost 20 years since I read the book, all I remembered is that I really liked it. Hopefully after I do my baking tomorrow this week will be a little more productive stitching wise!


Faith Ann said...

Dry Turkey is so cute :)

I hope Betty is feeling better! Let me know if you want me to drive on Wednesday... I don't mind at all.

Shannon L. said...

What a cute finish ! :) Hope you're feeling much much better !