Friday, December 16, 2005

Gifts Delivered

Well the last of any gifts that I need to take care of went out the door in Alex's backpack this morning, a box of Sarah's Sweet Delights truffles for his teacher and two boxes of Pot of Gold Excellence chocolates, one for each teaching assistant. Mind you in all of the hussle and bussle I forgot to pack the bath ring for Jackson and the tape of Callie when I see Eleni at my going away lunch today. I'll probably make a quick trip up to the house to retrieve them over the 'coffee break'

I was really tired last night, Alex and I had a major freak out session after groceries (and not at each other). As we were heading to our car we looked both ways and crossed a good distance away from a car that had just loaded someone in (not in a spot) when they put it in reverse full blast never seeing us. I kept pushing Alex in a diagonal pattern but he was scared stiff. I was so upset I had the urge to kick the bumper and hard when it finally came to a stop, narrowly missing us. That incident pretty much put my head in a state of exhaustion for the rest of the evening.

We returned home and made some spaghetti which we ate in the living room so Alex could watch the Sponge Bob christmas special. After he went to bed I wrapped the gifts, had a power nap then watched Joey. I made some pretty good progress on Christmas Medley and it should be done by the time I leave Sunday.

Today's my big farewell lunch which I'm looking forward to, Boston Pizza was full but I'll take Keystone's anytime ;) Then at 3:30 we'll be having our staff party here so I'm pretty excited about that too. I'm hoping to convince Matt to make a trip out to see the Christmas lights tonight or tomorrow, I think that would be alot of fun :)

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Faith Ann said...

You definitely need to take a Christmas-light drive!

Enjoy your lunch today and your party this afternoon... and Merry Christmas!