Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Halfway Through The Work

Sheesh, this massive amount of kindergarten homework is seriously cutting into my stitching time! Oye! I do have a really good start though on both Gail Bussi's Santa's Garden, although I need to look up an error in the pattern and I also have a good start on my Mill Hill Northern Lights Santa. Last night mom and I had a chick flick night and watched The Skeleton Key and Must Love Dogs (really liked that one), which involved a whole lotta stitching ;) Although I had to frog out almost an entire row of Algerian Eyes due to some confusing numbers, should have been one strand instead of 2 but saw the 2 not realizing it was the Anchor conversion. Sigh...

Today has also seen some progress on NL Santa while Alex and I watched The Polar Express on a break after doing 5 pages of work this morning. Yay! This afternoon mom's heading south to pick up the boys and the degus so Alex and I'll be baking and plugging away at more work, sigh... Dad should be returning home tonight so Alex is hoping to get swimming, he swam the length of the shallow end on his own (minus his 'super' suit even).

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