Thursday, December 15, 2005

Stitchy Stuffy Night!

mmmmm.....cookies. Everyone brought their 'A' game to the exchange at last night's stitching night and now I'm stuffed. When I got home Matt and I sampled the Kris Kringle cookies, cookie dough truffles, two bite pecan pies and whipped shortbreads, yum girls! (oh and we taste tested the mini cheese cakes as I hadn't had a chance to before I brought them...just to make sure they were ok)

I had alot of fun last night, even if I didn't participate in the stitching exchange this year. I've just found everything hectic with school fundraisers, regular christmas stuff and planning a wedding to get in another ornament. I worked on the chain stitching for my Cindy Valentine ornament (now hopefully some new beading thread will appear in my mailbox tonight) and then went back to stitching on my Heart In Hand Christmas Medley :)

Tonight I don't have too much on the schedule. I need to pick up Alex's teacher's present and some light groceries to make some stuff up so Matt doesn't starve next week (like that would happen). I'll definitely be watching the Chrismukkah OC special tonight, I've gotten out of watching the show but those episodes are too funny! Only 3 more sleeps until the trip to the Miramichi :)

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Faith Ann said...

Our mini cheesecakes are almost gone...they were delicious!! My mom is taking a copy of the recipe too :)