Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Day of Rest

Yesterday was a day of rest for me, I wasn't feeling too hot (chilled in fact) so I took a rare sick day and got about 5 hours sleep. I didn't move too far from bed besides to drive Alex to school in the morning. Thankfully I had some stash in my room so before nodding off to sleep I got a good start on my exchange ornament for next week, and actually finished the stitching part that evening, now just to sew on about 12 beads and hemstitch. I also called in my order for a frame for SB's Merry Season so it may actually make it up on the walls before Christmas ;)

I did get 8 of my christmas cards done over the course of yesterday, that's about the one thing that I'm slightly behind on ;) While whipping up some supper for the boys I did manage to dip my marshmallow logs into caramel and roll them in pecans to account for some of my christmas baking ;)

Tonight I'm heading over to the Green Village for a Ladies Night for Breast Cancer research, I could really live in that store come christmas time. Hopefully before I go I'll have enough time to get my beads sewn on ;)

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