Friday, December 02, 2005

To Trim A Tree

Well that's our mission for tonight, the exterior lights are all lit (and on a handy dandy remote that I found at Zellers so I don't have to go out and manually plug them in and unplug them), the tree is up and lit and all ready to decorate!! I can't wait. We plan on getting some munchies out and trimming it while Santa Claus is Coming to Town is on tonight on CBS.

Yesterday was one of those crazy shopping days, I searched in vain to replace the interior icicle lights and I don't think they make them anymore, exterior ones are all over the place and the rest are all LED or swag lights...sigh... My last hopes, walmart or the dollar store ;) I did buy some star lights just in case I couldn't find some and I'll just move the icicle lights from the picture window to Alex's room. Oh and on my travels I found a light up house (6$) for what I hope will one day be a christmas village, my mom and grandmother have them and I just love them!

We also went out after Matt got home (he was supposed to pick us up on his way to dropping off one of the guys in the carpool but neglected to mention that he'd be getting off work early so we missed him) and headed out to the coop where he got some new Levi's and a pair of Columbia khakis (for under 30$). He usually scores some really good clothing deals there before christmas. Because we'd had a late night we got some subway and headed home.

Due to all of the decorating I didn't get a single stitch in yesterday :( It's a good thing I at least got another chapter and a half read on the Order of The Phoenix or it would have been a complete anti Katie time day!


Shannon L. said...

A remote control for outdoor lights ? Very cool ! Must look for one or two or... :) (great gift for my light-loving father !). Sounds like a perfect evening you have planned. Have fun decorating ! And I hope you get some you-time this weekend.

Faith Ann said...

Oooh... I must look for one of those remotes too... maybe when I make my return at Zellers.

Katie said...

They also make them with a three plug outlet, which if I had of known it worked so well I would have bought...mind you it's been so mild I haven't had to compete with plugging the car in ;)

Faith Ann said...

Thanks for the tip! Congrats on reaching 21!!!!