Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Productive Night

Well there wasn't as much stitching involved but I did do some chain stitching (who ever invented that stitch??) on my Cindy Valentine Sugar Plum ornament. From 6-8 I made supper, tidied up the kitchen, made up cute little recipe tags and packaged up my 12 half dozens of mini cherry cheesecake cookies.

After getting Alex to bed, I tidied up my stitching corner and got some of the laundry started, as well as started the task of cleaning out the fridge before I go away on Sunday. Fun stuff. At nine I settled into my 'den' and frigged around with the Chain stitch and was wondering where on earth I'd put my Heart in Hand Christmas Medley pattern while watching Bones. It was particularly good last night and I loved the whole Christmas storyline. I really haven't been able to go back to CSI after I started watching that show!

Yesterday was also the day that my 'going away' lunch was announced, I got alot of jabber messages of well wishes which was so sweet (probably the reason I got more choked up than usual watching the Christmasy Bones). Friday should be a blast, my going away lunch at Boston Pizza followed by a Christmas Party during office hours that I don't have to find a sitter for that afternoon, sweet.

Tonight's the big cookie exchange at stitching, I can't wait! I'm also looking forward to seeing what every one is up to. I'm proud of myself for getting all of my stuff ready to go on time! Sometimes things are a bit helter skelter and I'd almost expect it that way this close to the holidays (although this has me a bit scared)

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Faith Ann said...

My husband has big expectations of this cookie exchange. He told me last night that he shouldn't eat all day so that he can sample everything when I get home!