Thursday, December 01, 2005

Happy December feels like September weather outside, I'm predicting a very green christmas. Not that I'd let the weather dampen my spirits though ;) We had a really nice dinner with mom last night, I made my chicken kabobs and we polished off the Bailey's cake (warning very addictive) and then after playing with Alex and reading the new books Mom bought him and putting him to bed, we loaded mom's car with the gifts and dad's ladder and she bid us good night... only to return 5 minutes later as stupid me forgot to put the wreath in her car (I'd gotten a bit too concerned with the fact that Matt was handling the gifts).

After that I popped Celine's christmas CD into the DVD player and started bringing the boxes upstairs. One of my sets of indoor icicle lights has gone AWOL!!! I'll have to get that along with another extension cord this evening. Matt was mocking mortification when I came in to put up icicle lights in the computer room ;) This morning I moved the armchair into our room and made room for the tree which I'll be setting up tonight so we can decorate it Friday. I was so excited to read Faith Ann's blog and see that the christmas tree festival was back++, I've missed it for the last two years.

I did squeak in a row of smyrna cross stitches yesterday and hopefully a whole lot more tonight ;)

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