Friday, December 30, 2005

Santa's Garden Progress

Well here's my progress to date (and still learning to use the new camera at 6:00 am ;))

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Santa's Garden-Gail Bussi

We arrived safely from Grand Falls at about 4 yesterday, then had the task of digging out my car (although I can't complain to much as our neighbor cleaned out most of our driveway while we were away) so I could get to the airport to see my brother off. What a foggy, wet drive, yuck! To make matters worse I'm not overly familiar with the new exit system to get to the airport so navigating that in the fog was not fun (although I could navigate my way to the mall blind folded and backwards)

Besides the numerous errors in the chart/model (why can't The Cross Stitcher put their errors in a file online??) I've really liked stitching Santa's Garden. I can't wait to have it up on my walls next year. Arriving home it was nice to see the Christmas cross stitches up, guess I didn't appreciate them as much when I was home before where I haven't been out travelling since retreat. It was also nice to be reminded what a large living room we do have (when my stitching stuff doesn't creep up there).

Today's my last day of work at CARIS and my first trip back to my gym since going on vacation. I think I'll be half dead by new years as I have 4 exercise classes in two days on the roster (so I can get my microfibre shirt and recharge after having so many tempting cookies and cakes around ;)).

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