Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Some Final Happy Dance's for 2005

Well, we've arrived safely in Grand Falls after waiting out the storm in Miramichi all boxing day. We took the long route which took us past our house to drop off some presents and avoid the crappy 'highway' that's a short cut (I wasn't up to moose, bad conditions, transports and no gas stations or anything for almost 2 hours). I really enjoyed being home an extra day with my family, it's been bittersweet knowing that next year Christmas will be different for me without my brother coming home. Where we're spending it is a bit up in the air although I think I'll follow my parents anywhere they go ;) It's just so rare that we're all home at the same time now a days. Matt's been considering adopting two of my 'grand nieces' although we're still looking up proper degu care and costs, they were sooo fun to play with and much funner than the fish he's been considering buying ;) Now to see if my brother's dumped them off at the store yet.

Back to stitching...I've been plugging away at Santa's Garden and hope to have it done before 2006 rolls around, I'm VERY disappointed with the model that was stitched and the lack of checking over the chart, one symbol isn't there although on the model it looks the same as the hat so I'm going with that and the three sided stitch is not stitched on the model as in the directions. Sigh... Now to check the site to see what's up.

Here are my two latest Happy Dances

Cindy Valentine's Sugar Plum

Mill Hill's Northern Lights Santa

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cathymk said...

Both your finishes are very cute - congratulations. I like the Cindy Valentine very much.