Monday, December 05, 2005

It's Monday Already?

Where on earth did the weekend go, the closer we get to Christmas the faster the days seem to fly by! Friday I arrived home with some pop, a bottle of red and a bottle of green, along with some icecream to make some floats for our tree decorating. While we were waiting for Matt to arrive home I twisted the ribbon to fall from the top of the tree and got all of the ornaments out and ready to hang. I even got the lights on the mini tree ;) So after supper we decorated both trees and watched Santa Claus is coming to town with our floats and the pringles Matt picked up the night before. Alex LOVED the special, especially where it was a show that answered some of his "why" questions ;)

Saturday I woke up before the boys and snuck out to a Body Pump class before my holiday decor class. The decor class was fun but the first project was VERY time consuming leading to the ink dyed ornaments kind of turning out crappy (they should have had more time to dry between coats), but I'm so happy with the rest of my projects we'll just forget about that ;) Alex LOVED his Christmas jeans and is actually wearing them now at school. After supper on Saturday we headed to the Christmas tree festival which was alot of fun, Alex was particularly taken with a tree that had all kinds of christmas related jokes on it. Saturday night I finally got to stitch again, only to get to the border of my band sampler to find that my Blue Spruce was AWOL after my floss ring came apart at retreat so I worked on my Cindy Valentine Sugar Plum's as we were watching The Grudge and there were too many suspense sections for me to concentrate on The Wedding.

Sunday morning Alex and I watched Strawberry Shortcake's Christmas ;) Faith Ann saved my project and I went for a walk to pick up some Blue Spruce, I had alot of fun checking out everyone's Christmas displays along the way. After lunch we FINALLY headed out to see Harry Potter, Alex went over to visit my grandmother and Matt and I finally got to see it (we've had NO luck finding sitters lately and not for lack of trying). Poor me LOST it at the end of the movie, I can just imagine how much worse I would have been had I not read the book. I think the fact that we're also an only son family at the moment makes me a bit more vulnerable to some of the touchie moments in the books/movies ;) We had a very nice dinner at my grandmother's after the movie and then headed home. I finished the band sampler while watching last week's LOST and headed to bed.

Tonight should be pretty low key, I woke up with all the inklings of a cold coming on (something I've been trying to ignore for the last couple of days but was worse this mornign), I probably would have taken a sick day today if I didn' t need to go to the framer's today, sigh... Oh well, that just means plenty of stitching time tonight ;)

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Faith Ann said...

How was the popcorn?

You need to post a picture of your decor class projects...the jeans sound cute!