Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Giving Notice

Well, that's what my day was about yesterday, all of the hullabaloo about writing a proper, unbridge burning, resignation later and getting up the nerve to hand it in. I'm not someone who can do things like that very easily and where my manager was out most of the afternoon I took it to HR, probably easier where I didn't know him as well and wouldn't get overly emotional, just choked up. What a whirlwind, bon voyage lunch this friday, yay :)

Last night I did all of my exchange baking during the commercial breaks on Corner Gas and Degrassi, another thing down. While the shows were on I cleaned up my little corner of the living room some as well. Things will be nice and tidy before I leave (and hopefully I'll return with everything in the right order). I just need to put cherries on the mini cheesecakes tonight and then I can sit back and stitch...well after making some gingerbread men for DS.

Speaking of Alex, he was wonderful in his concert yesterday! We're so proud. Matt had a hard time spotting him at first as his telltale red hair was covered in gold tinsel with a star sticking off the top! There was one little boy in his class that sang his little off key heart out, it was just sooo cute. Speak of the devil, his alarm just went off time to go :)

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Faith Ann said...

Yummmm, mini cheesecakes :)

Glad you got through yesterday...now it will be a piece of cake (until you get teary on your final day saying good bye to everyone).