Thursday, December 08, 2005

I Hate Being Sick!

Yay, day two home this week, sigh...I've been so achy that I haven't been able stitch either. I thought Tuesday's day of rest would have cured me but it didn't. Yesterday I mistook my uneasy feeling as anxiety over reports that a small plane had crashed, knowing my dad was out flying that day as my reason for not feeling too hot and headed to the gym, no sooner than after I went to wipe down the elliptical did the chills not return. I spent the afternoon at work with my 'work sweater' on with my big columbia wrapped around my legs popping advil. By 5:00 I felt great! At 7 I headed out to pick up Cathey's ornament at Sears engraving (and to order an engraved 'The Côté's" ornament for us) when the clerk I was dealing with was asked by another for directions to the Ramada, when he didn't know (they weren't an age group that would probably realize that the Ramada took over Howard Johnson's) I piped up that I knew, and the cashier asked me when I was done to give the lady directions. When I went over and started giving directions she asked where the nearest cab company would be to call, seeing as the function I was going to was two buildings over I offered to drive her after I picked up some Christmas gifts for Logan. Gee, it was only until she was following me out that I realized how fast I walk around when I shop ;)

The Ladies Night for Breast Cancer was awesome, they had a 20% off store discount, a masseuse, wine tasting, goodies from the Happy Baker/Chef (can't remember the name but they made an awesome bite size chocolate mousse tart with raspberry jam hidden inside), jewellry cleaning (my ring sparkles) and Healthy Chef was there too making thai and curried shrimp flambéed in Jack Daniels (yum yum yum). There was a fashion show by Lindor but where the youngest model was pushing 45 I didn't really feel like it was for me ;)

When I returned home my back started tingling, I thought it was from the massage but withing a couple minutes of hitting the sack I had severe chills again and was up half the night, sigh... Today I spent the day mostly in bed until the 'sick sweat' smell got to me and I ambled downstairs to through the sheets in the washer. Now I'm just mustering up some strength to go out and pick up Alex, sigh...of course it's a day where Matt's driving and gets in too late to pick him up himself. Oh well! Here's hoping everyone else is getting in a heck of alot more stitching time than me ;)

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