Friday, June 30, 2006

Closing a Door

Woo hoo!! There's a new stove in the house, well new to us that is. It looks so much better, cleaner and brighter than the one that came with the house which was white at one time but lived for years with smokers before we moved in and no matter how much I scrub it shows it, and there were 'non digital dials' *gasp* and fake wood on the handles *double gasp*. Mom and dad were trading theirs for Gram's self cleaning ceramic top so we did a three way switch, now mine is up for sale/free...

It was really hard going over to the house last night knowing it would be one of the last, if not the last time I ever got to go in and have free reign over the house my grandfather built. There's a large delluded part of me that hope to turn around the corner of the dining room and find the living room still set up with the pictures in the corner and my grandparents talking away in their chairs, CBC on the tv but no body watching. There's no longer a box of cookies waiting in the cupboard by the sink, no more stockpile of chips in the first floor bedroom closet. All the easter egg hiding places are gone (and with all the nooks and cranny's in that house it made for at least 15 good easter egg hunts). My brother's and I are no longer attempting to scale the entry to the living room or sneak from the granny suite's basement apartment all the way to the second floor guest room past our parents and grandparents in the living room when they thought we were tucked in bed. Even the apartment I stayed in in university seems bare. It was hard going through Alex's birthday this year with the memories of being 'trapped' in that apartment's bathroom with no phone to call Matt when my water broke and bringing Alex there for his first night's sleep out of the hospital before we moved up to Grand Falls (briefly). It just seemed so empty without all of their love and laughter there :( I know it's only a 'house', but saying good bye doesn't get any easier. :(

Before mom and dad arrived I went on a frantic stash hunt as Alex had soccer and I didn't have a new 'easy' project to take with me (I wish Mirabilia's had a 'book' option instead of the great big charts...). Found the fabric for the Calico Cross Roads Mitten ornaments...couldn't find the perle cotton ring...found my Holly ornament from the 05 JCS...couldn't find the JCS...Found the fabric for a Sekas and Company stocking from one of the JCS, Watercolours ring was missing...and 15 minutes before practice I finally came across my summer dragon's that I've been wanting to finish, woo hoo!! Now...after all that racket and a kid complaining that we weren't walking over (the weather looked foreboding) we arrive to the field and it had been cancelled. Somewhere between 4:30 and 7 they'd added potential thundershowers to the forecast and the soccer association takes this very seriously after we had a girl killed by lightening (in a freak sunshower'ish storm) during a soccer game a couple of years ago. So... I took this as a sign I should start cleaning my craft room! It's looking much better. The fine details of organizing stash have yet to be dealt with but at least there's a space to layout and sort stuff now ;) So here's hoping I can do some of that this long weekend now I have some monkey help now that Matt's going to be in town and on call instead of over in Europe. Then maybe I'll be able to get a 'Christmas in July' finishing day for a whack of ornaments one of these craft room would appreciate that immensely ;)


Angela said...

Too funny. I was just starting to think of stash organization as we will hopefully be laying hardwood in the office / craft room this weekend. Let me know of any good ideas you have!

Shannon L. said...

LOL Sounds like me - frantically looking, only finding half of what I need. A "Christmas in July" finishing day is a great idea ! I might have to do that myself.

Hope you had a great weekend !