Monday, June 19, 2006

The Weekend Report

Sigh...Friday I had great stitching goals for this weekend...I had two small projects that were really close to completion but that was before 'the e-mail'. Around 8:30, am I get the 'when's Alex's birthday party??' e-mail, followed by the 'my parents are coming to town' e-mail. Great...the lawn hadn't been mowed (and they were spraying so it had to be done), everything else was behind around the house after some much needed R&R. So I skipped pump after work and went straight to mowing....and then into cleaning mode. I get soo uncomfortable with the state of my house when I have company that I know make comments about other people's housecleaning, I find it very stressful.

Then...Saturday I woke up to seeing the blasted bunny run passed the bathroom window so when I went to look out the front window at the latest damage to my hosta I noticed the solar lights at the end of our driveway had been stolen....which coincidentally happened yet another night when the neighbor's son had friends over til 3 am, and the neighbors across the road were also hit....but really, it couldn't have been her bong chucking son or his friends right?? Why doesn't Darwin enforce his theory ??? ;) So we had another nice LONG chat with the RCMP Saturday morning. After lunch I took Alex to his birthday party (sigh...still no stitching) and it was so nice to meet even more of his classmates. Saturday was so long and drawn out (and I couldn't take advantage of the sunny day due to the spraying) that I was pooped when I went to bed.

Father's day cut into my Guardian Angel progress, we did the big breakfast for Matt, followed by a Kahlua Fudge cake, presents and a trip to see Cars which rocked! We stopped at the Esso for some fried chicken for Matt (I wasn't hungry) and presented him with a bouquet of 'man-flowers' (ie: a pack of Alpine beer). While we were at the Esso we rented Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, it was quirky but Matt and I really enjoyed it (snuck stitching in here). I don't know how to even describe it, there was some mystery involved along with some situational dark funny moments (I kind of liken the quirkiness to the pace of Go!). It wasn't the same type of funny as say Wedding Crashers but I did see Matt balled up on the couch laughing quite a few times.

So...I did get some stitching in finally, not nearly what I thought. Guess I overestimated my productivity on a weekend that just wasn't for me!! My two projects...well they're still in need more stitching mode. I have a date this week with Hugh Jackman...oh...just Matt and tickets to see XMen. One can dream right?? So no stitching that night but there is stitching night Wednesday so that should make up for it ;)

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Faith Ann said...

I feel your pain... we have a few guests that I feel the need to do extra cleaning for as well to avoid "you should have seen the mess at that house" gossip.

Sorry it wasn't much of a Katie-weekend... but Sunday sounds much better! Hopefully you'll be able to finish up one of your projects on Wednesday :)