Monday, June 05, 2006

A Weekend In Review

Phew...we avoided a flood ;) My goodness we were in for some hard rain this weekend. I got a bit worried when I went to do laundry and walked over the storm drain and didn't hear an echo so I measured the level of water in there on the hour, until it dropped 2 inches :) Matt checked his trench and it was raging and our pipe which froze this year was flowing as well, there was just so much water coming down it was pooling in just about every low point in the lawn. Surprisingly enough our first hummingbird (ever) decided to brave the storm and show up at our feeder :) It was so nice to sit back, stitch and catch a glimpse of our little visitor.

Sunday I was good and stuck to the 'still not finished' SAL, I even picked up some threads I was missing on my way back from Body Pump. Oh my I was stiff after not being there for a week, and that was trip had been another 'hadn't been there for awhile' due to the wedding trip. Now at least our schedule is pretty much back to normal so I can get there my 2-3 times a week :) I was really happy with my progress throughout the day on my Mirabilia Guardian Angel, I have a little frogging to do tonight but after that at least one colour from the bottom of the wing should match up with the top section, making for alot less counting :) The batteries should be recharged for the camera this evening so I'll take a progress pic.

Saturday I got quite a bit of stitching in on Waxing Moon's The Most Patterns. I have the angel stitched in minus her halo and back stitching, and the curly 95% finished on the side. I'm hoping to finish the daisies and swirly grass this week. Mom, dad and Jazz visited late Saturday afternoon and brought over Alex's birthday presents. His reaction to his new spiderman umbrella is just as imagined *dead serious tone* "I've wanted an umbrella my whole life", gee six years is a lot of waiting ;) He was also thrilled with his set of super soaker pistols. After mom and dad did a little shopping for a new vacuum we all met for a birthday supper for dad and Alex at Boston Pizza, the food was excellent, the server sucked! After we said our good byes they headed home (with a quick pitstop to drop off my brother) and I headed home to do some more stitching, after Alex was in bed of course ;) I finally got to watch Along Came Polly and then watch HP and the Goblet of Fire, my goodness I find the end gut wrenching, no matter how many times I watch it.

Friday Alex's birthday went smoothly. Lots of tacos and cake :) We went to see Over The Hedge which was hilarious, even Matt (who's not really into the kid flicks) enjoyed it. We then arrived home to open Al's presents, he was thrilled to bits with his bag of marbles (hooray for the dollar store). I then blind folded him and was about to carry him down the stairs to where his bike was hiding when Matt suggested we go outside and he'd bring it out. Note to self NEVER PRESENT A GIFT OUTDOORS AT 8 PM IN THE SPRING!!! Matt stepped out and asked if we were ready to which he heard a big 'Hurry up!!!!!", we were being eaten alive! After a few adjustments to the bike Alex was ready to drive. He's still getting used to the fact that he can only pedal in one direction (his other toddler bike didn't have a brake) but he's getting there ;)

It's raining again today so we won't be heading to the ball field tonight, maybe just relaxing and doing some stitching after the clothes are put away :)


Faith Ann said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. I was thinking of you guys with all this rain... glad there were no floods this time around!

Sounds like a productive stitching weekend too :)

Shannon L. said...

What a great weekend! Glad Alex liked his bike. And I"m glad you didn't have to build an ark to get out of town LOL Sounds like you got alot of rain !