Thursday, June 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Dad!

Alex is sooo excited it's Pappy's birthday, that means just one more day until he turns the big six. Sigh...where did the time go. Six years ago today I'd be a day overdue, not happy about it at all, looking up on the internet how to induce labor, running out to the brookside mall to buy the rasberry zinger tea (as recommended on the internet) and walk around the mall, drinking it and then heading to Shanghai Noon only to be in labor a couple hours later ;)

Yesterday rocked, the wedding photos came back and I was very pleased with them :) I was confident in our decision however there was that nagging little voice in the back of my head that was like "you didn't go with a big studio, how will they turn out??" Thankfully that notion was squashed, there are very few that I'm not in love with and even those ones are pretty good ;)

I got an e-mail from Matt requesting I be home at 5, obviously he's never walked at least 1.5 city blocks to get his car, driven downtown traffic, picked up a kid who's been playing all afternoon with his friends and doesn't want to leave (Wednesday are half days for primary schools here) and then drive through possible construction and all the parents making a left into Kingswood to take their kids to gymnastics/bowling/golfing (thank goodness they're expanding the road). But I donned my super cape, moved the car to a free parking zone that would cut out a couple traffic bottle necks on break and made it at 5:00 sharp without breaking any speed limits. I arrived home to take out a row of seats in the van, pick up the hubby, grab some stitching and head to Honda to pick up the mower before it closed...then headed to the ball park to watch Matt's first game of the year. **oh forgot to mention I got stitchy stash in the mail yesterday I have my WDW's to work on Down Sunshine Lane's I Love Stitching, my next 'arghh Matt's reading with the light on and keeping me up project'!!**

We had a really good time. There were alot of kids Alex's age there and the fenced in skate park was free of skaters so the kids played there and I got some stitching in on Guardian Angel, thankfully I was at a part in the wing that involved very little counting, just filling ;) I almost got hit once by a foul ball and when I went to retrieve it I had another zoom past my shoulder from the other field, sheesh! We did 2 out of 3 pages of homework which went way passed the rule of thumb 10 minutes per grade level a night and I sent a note explaining where the other page was. I didn't mind as much in the winter when they continually went over the limit, but 40+ minutes in kindergarten when it's actually nice enough to play outside crosses a line.

Matt rented Aeon Flux (which wasn't as bad as people were saying, maybe our expectations were lowered by all the bad reviews enough that we actually liked it) so I got some more stitching in on the angel. I finished another tree on my SB needleroll while Matt did his bedtime reading. This morning I arrived to work early and ready to stitch on TMP until work started...but alas my needle must have been borrowed for the angel last night, sigh... Guess I'll be making a run over to singer at break time ;)


Q : Do you collect charts by one particular designer, yet have never stitched anything by that designer? If so, which designer and why do you collect the charts but have not yet stitched any of them?

A : I collect ALOT of charts, Dragon Dreams, Lizzie Kate, Marbek, Fiddlestitch Cottage, Mirabilia, Lavender and Lace, Just Nan...enough to require a craft room to say the least! But the one I guess I've collected and never finished a project by was Stoney Creek. I did start Noah's long project and The Witches of Booville but the amount of colour changes in some of the others is such a turn off. I practically need a caddy to lug my current project around if I did one. I also collected most of them BEFORE I got hooked on the other designs and it's kind of hard justifying lugging around a tonne of floss in the big floss box for a 5*7 when you can do a 8*10+ DD or LL and only carry around a little box and have it turn out even prettier. Just Nan would come in a close second, I have the angels as Matt's mother collects angels so they're on standby for Christmas's and other occasions, love the others but just never get around to them, but I have stitched ONE angel so I guess it doesn't count ;)

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Shannon L. said...

Seriously Katie, your description of one night's errands and events makes me exhausted just imagining it ! You must sleep very well :) LOL